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Empowering others to chart their own course


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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

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Coach Nick gives his clients the direction they need to recognize all the life factors that are preventing them from attaining their goals.


It's not just a workout, it’s a complete program.

Strength is an interesting word. It means different things to different people and can apply across a broad spectrum of circumstances.

Who is stronger, the person who has a 600lb deadlift or the person who crushes extreme obstacle races? Is it the single mothers and fathers working two jobs and doing everything they can to take care of their kids, or is it the 80 year old person who still has the ability and freedom to do all the things they love? What about the recovering addict who fights every day to remain sober? How about the nine year old going through chemotherapy?


Life throws curve balls that force us to adapt and grow stronger, or if we are ill prepared, to become overwhelmed and falter. For some people strength is all about getting bigger or lifting heavier. For most of us though, strength is about enduring more easily, getting more done with less effort, looking and feeling better, being there for their kids, being more productive at work or having the ability to handle whatever life throws at us. 

Whatever your goals are, if you are reading this page then you are searching for a way. You are choosing to become stronger. Through collaboration guided by sound science, incremental progressions, sensible nutrition and lifestyle coaching you will make true life-long changes that will transform who you are now into who you wish to become.

So will you continue to react and adapt to whatever life throws at you, or will you become stronger by choice?

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“Nick has been my personal trainer for about five years, first at Equinox, where he was one of its top-tier trainers, and then virtually for the last two years. Nick has a healthy balance of pushing me harder than I would push myself while sensing when it's time for a break. As a result, I have made great progress in staying fit, ready for aggressive skiing at age 77. Nick has extraordinary knowledge of the human body including how to exercise specific areas and therapy for strains and injuries. He has become a friend and mentor.”

- Ernie G

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