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Fitness Services

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Fitness Coaching
Virtual and in-person (Boston, MA area)

If you are new to training, need to clean up movement patterns or prefer the energy of an in-person session, I am available in Boston’s Back Bay Area and soon to be in the Newton/Wellesley area. I only do 1 hour sessions, but these can be 1 on 1 or small group training to reduce cost.


Virtual Training is a 1 hour session done either through Zoom or FaceTime.


Both in-person and virtual training include a free one hour consultation, exercise program template (shared document), nutrition coaching, sleep/recovery coaching, and lifestyle coaching. During every session we will discuss the “why” of the program and how it connects to your goals, but also included in the program is a 45 minute check-in call once every quarter solely dedicated to discussing how the program is going, gains made, challenges faced, and future direction of the program.

Virtual Programming

Programming packages are done in six week intervals, using a shared program document, based on client goals. There is a minimal buy-in of three months, with weekly email check-ins. These are basic to advanced programming for general populations looking to correct imbalances, returning from rehab, lose weight, build strength, increase general fitness and conditioning, prepare for an event or increase sports performance in a smart, injury free way. If you are looking for elite programming for a specific high level sport, I’m not your man. There are much better coaches out there for this, and I would be happy to help point you to them.

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Nutritional Coaching
Virtual and in-person (Boston, MA area)

Nutrition Coaching involves client education, but more importantly a collaborative effort to discover, redirect and reshape client behaviors that are preventing the attainment of their goals. This can go pretty deep, involving weekly calls, tracking sheets, and weekly practices to identify and change behaviors that are negatively impacting your goals. If you aren’t ready to make this level of commitment, then this program probably isn’t for you.

Virtual Fitness Consultation

This one hour call is a collaborative effort, covering client goals, current routines and lifestyle factors to identify problem areas and create a roadmap for next steps.

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